FIX Market Simulator  
  Welcome to our Fixed Income and Derivatives Trading Simulator  
  This simulator connects to our own test-harness FIX gateway which implements a subset of the upcoming FIX protocols for Fixed Income and Derivatives. This gateway connects to its counterpart on a simulated sell-side institution, which interacts with our Fixed Income and Derivatives EMS product called DUET. The DUET system receives base prices from any pricing system, applies dynamic logic and controls on the prices to generate D2C Quotes based on customer tiers and D2D Orders based on specific venues, and uses rule-based logic to respond automatically to RFQs and Price Orders from the D2C side. Prices are changing because we are also running base-pricing system simulators which are generating random price changes.  
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  About ETLogic  
  ETLogic Ltd was formed in 2011 to address the advancements, changes and regulatory requirements that are occurring within the investment banking and electronic trading industry. The advent of the new Dodd-Frank and other related legislation, new electronic trading venues and SEFs, plus the emerging FIX standards in the Fixed Income world, have created new challenges which we believe require new solutions.  
  ‘Unifying trading and technology’ is our goal. We aim to provide the market-making community with products that address core challenges, unify e-trading data, presenting e-trading controls and configuration in a form that is understandable to your trading desk heads and business users, and furthermore are a foundation to allow your bank to focus on innovating and differentiating yourselves from the opposition. We also aim that our systems will fit into your existing technology landscape with the minimum of upheaval, and give you quick wins in specific areas where you need it.